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The NE SAMI comprehensive program

To efficiently help people in frontline areas, we developed a comprehensive program that includes:

  • Informing people on the frontline territories;
  • Evacuation;
  • Permanent settlement;
  • Ongoing support for 6-12 months.

interregional prejudices and stereotypes

This point isn’t part of the NE SAMI journey; however, we consider it just as important. It’s aimed at combating prejudices and stereotypes surrounding frontline and occupied territories.

The “Dity – Kvity” children camp in partnership with the Volonterskyi Dim foundation

The “Dity – kvity” mobile camp is a team of volunteers that brings a 3-day educational & entertainment program to the kids of internally displaced persons (IDPs).
The camp aims to inspire kids to make their dreams come true and gift them beautiful memories because every kid deserves a decent childhood.

Other Initiatives