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“Dity-Kvity” Camp for the Children of IDPs

in partnership with the VOLONTERSKYI DIM foundation

Over 5 million internally displaced persons are registered in Ukraine; 25% of them are children.

(As of 03/13/2023, according to the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk)

There are over 1,250,000 Ukrainian children who lost their homes, didn’t study at school for over a year, and lived under shelling before the evacuation. Some of them even survived the occupation, where they became witnesses and victims of severe war crimes committed by Russian soldiers.

Additionally, since 2014, most of these children lived in the so-called “gray zone” in regions under the influence of strong Russification. This affected their worldview and knowledge of the Ukrainian language and history.

Where are these kids now?

In Ukraine, there are several housing options for IDPs. One of the most effective in reintegrating people into a new place is state social hostels, which local public organizations and foundations take care of.
One of these is our permanent partner — KO-KHATY.

KO-KHATY is a project by architects-urbanists Anna and Tetiana Pashynski, in which they renovate state-owned facilities (abandoned dormitories, kindergartens, etc.) into housing for IDPs, cooperating with the state and attracting foreign investments. There are currently 4 facilities located in Ivano-Frankivsk and Kamianets-Podilsk. They accommodate more than 600 IDPs, most of whom are families with children.

Two concerns exist 

Children lack a normal childhood and have no understanding of their future, deteriorated morale, numerous psychological traumas and triggers, a new home with a bunch of strangers, and a long absence of an average pro-Ukrainian education due to living in hot spots, etc.

Parents simultaneously try to restore their family’s financial and moral conditions while caring for their children. Due to a lack of resources (both psychological and economic), they cannot devote enough time to the normal development of their children. Because of this, caring for children is often limited to only meeting physical needs (feeding, washing, dressing, and treating injuries).

The mobile DITY-KVITY camp

is a team of volunteers that brings a 3-day educational & entertainment program to the kids of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

The program covers:

  • Exercise;
  • 3 meals per day;
  • Educational & entertainment programs;
  • Optional creative classes for which children sign up in advance (music, theater studio, painting studio, dance, etc.);
  • Sports classes and activities;
  • Conversations with counselors about anything of interest.

As a result:

  • Children who are inspired by learning something new about Ukraine, acquiring new skills, having fun, and believing they can dream about anything and succeed.
  • Grateful parents who have time for household chores, going to work, and reflecting on quality education for their children. After the camp, parents can connect with the volunteers to receive advice and discover ways to support the children’s desire for comprehensive development.

The camp aims to inspire kids to make their dreams come true and gift them beautiful memories.

Children are the future of every country.
Ukrainian kids should not lose a decent childhood due to Russian aggression.