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Operational activity

Manager, part of the evacuation group

Oleksandra Sakharuk

Oleksandra has experience working as a marketer in management positions in the IT sector. Thanks to this, Sasha can build coherent and effective teamwork systems. She is also engaged in journalism. Since the full-scale invasion began, she has filmed and reported on the events in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson regions.

During 2022–2023, Oleksandra worked for the Ukrainian independent media “Ikla” as a strategist and head of the journalism department. Thanks to long-term communication with residents of frontline areas, Oleksandra discovered a need for a comprehensive evacuation system, and the NE SAMI project was born.


Oleksandra Kachanova

Oleksandra is a restaurateur who co-owns several gastro projects in Kyiv, so she has extensive experience working with people and implementing projects from ground zero. Oleksandra is also skilled in creative communications, having worked in advertising agencies as a strategist.

With her family, she moved from Donetsk in 2014: war, forced relocation, regional differences, problems of adaptation of displaced persons, lack of support from the state, and more were all part of her experience.

From the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Oleksandra:

  • Established a system of food aid, feeding around 1,500 people daily for two months;
  • Worked in the Ukrainian independent media “Ikla” from the beginning of the project’s existence as a strategist and chief manager.
  • Co-founded the Ne Sami project because of her understanding of the context of IDPs and her concern for Ukraine and its society.



Tetiana Oskolova

Tetiana has been a marketer for about 8 years, 5 of them as a CMO. She comes from the Donetsk region and has many relatives who faced the consequences of war and occupation.

After the war started, she joined the cyber forces of Ukraine and launched the “Palma Mertsalova” project designed to debunk myths about Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Thanks to this project, she met the Ne Sami team. She launched the “Voices of the Occupation” column, with the videos attracting the attention of the pro-Ukrainian population in the occupied territories. In a series of videos, Ukrainians personally say that neither Luhansk nor Donetsk have forgotten where their real home is and are waiting for victory.

Currently, Tetiana works as a marketer in the military industry, and in her spare time, she volunteers. She believes Ne Sami is a unique project regarding the evacuation of the population. It’s also about the opportunity to start a new life and reduce the risk of going back under fire because of adaptation difficulties and financial problems.


Olha Chabanova

Olga majored in publishing and editing. Since then, she has worked at the same university as a teacher while working as a journalist and editor in the independent Ukrainian media “Ikla.” Currently, Olga is an editor at the Osnova publishing house and the head of the publishing department at the “ROBYMO VAM NERVY” NGO.

She’s skilled at creating structured and emotional texts that move people. These skills come in handy for the Ne Sami project.

Sound editor

Pavlo Serhovantsev

Pavlo has been producing music and working with sound for years. In 2022, he worked on sound editing for the “Ikla” project. He currently works on his music project, “Berliner Doner,” independently producing music and voice. With the abovementioned experience, Pavlo perfectly understands how modern informative videos should sound. This enables the “Ne Sami” project to speak confidently and spread information about its activities online as efficiently as possible.

Author of Ne Sami visual identity, designer

Mariia Kolomiitseva

Mariia is an architect and illustrator with experience in art direction. She creates her works both digitally and on canvas.
Seeking ways to be of use to society, Maria has developed visual identities for Ukrainian social, cultural, and volunteer projects for the past few years. As a designer, she finds it necessary to use visual elements to convey the Ne Sami team’s values and help communicate with the target audience.


Anna Volkash

Anna is a skilled artist with a creative background and over 3 years of experience as a graphic designer. Among her works are packaging creation, social network design for educational projects, and stickers creation for the military.
Now, she is part of the independent Ukrainian media “Ikla” team as one of the designers of the Ne Sami project.

Anna had to save herself from the war unleashed by the Russians twice, losing her home and starting everything from scratch. She understands the fears of the Ne Sami wards, afraid to leave everything and learn to live anew in a foreign city. This is where she sees the critical mission of the NGO: providing people with evacuation and, what’s more, support at the beginning of a new stage in life.

Motion designer

Solia Shalaiska

Her life is in motion, and so is her work. Solia has been creating animations for over 4 years, helping draw attention to the Ne Same project online. While the digital space is overcrowded with content, she manages to capture audiences so that more people can learn about Ne Sami.

Partnership & collaboration manager

Vladyslav Khlopenko

Vladyslav worked as a restaurant manager in Kyiv and gained a flair for communications and business development strategies. After the full-scale invasion, he devoted himself to socially important projects, going into marketing and brand creation. With this passion, he works with the inclusive bakery Good Bread; in half a year, he established over 20 partnerships from scratch (media, social, restaurant, etc.).

Vladyslav combines work in the Ne Sami NGO with his current experience and participates in development. Thanks to his strong communication skills and great acquaintances, he efficiently manages partnerships, photo shoots, and collaborations, helping more people discover Ne Sami.

Care Department

Head of Care Department

Mosoryn Olenka

Olena manages the Ne Sami care department. She knows each person in the support program personally, sets up managers’ work, and develops opportunities for adaptation and socialization for forcibly relocated people.

Previously, Olenka spent 4 years working as a store manager with a large team and a considerable customer flow. She mastered communication, managerial work, and urgent task-solving. She also participated in the mentoring program for orphans, where she underwent various trainings — it now helps her better understand children in the Ne Sami program.

Care Department Manager

Olena Trofimishyna

Olena is a teacher by education, so she effectively communicates with children and their parents. Currently, she’s engaged in the confectionery business. Since the start of the full-scale war, she’s been baking various goods for the immigrants.

She learned about the Ne Sami project from her daughter Oleksandra and decided to join to help adults and children affected by the terrible war. Olena’s father is from the Luhansk region, so she understands the pain of forcibly displaced persons. Paying a visit, helping, listening, getting acquainted with the city, issuing documents, meeting with doctors, having baked goods, and dreaming about a peaceful future – this is how her meetings go at KO-HATA sites. After the victory, Olena dreams about rebuilding the cities and villages of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Care Department Manager

Viktoriia Kovaliv

Vika is a journalist with experience in social media literacy and combating disinformation at the state level.
After 9 years of living in Warsaw, she returned to Ukraine to apply all the acquired knowledge and skills at home and help her country develop.
For Vika, the Ne Sami project is a socially significant initiative she lacked and an excellent opportunity for personal development and discovery of her unknown possibilities.

Care Department Manager

Halyna Kovaliv

Halyna is a resident of Ivano-Frankivsk and teacher by occupation.
She worked in Italy for over 15 years and devoted her life to helping and supporting the elderly.
She knows from real experience that there is no such thing as someone else’s grief. Halyna knows how to offer help when needed most, build healthy communication with people, and find the magic keys to their hearts.

Care Department Manager

Liliia Havkaliuk

Liliia is an economist by education and an excellent connoisseur of trade.
Like her sister Halyna, who also works for Ne Sami, Liliia worked in Italy for over 15 years, caring for the elderly. She solves complex problems rationally and engages in this with all her heart. She carefully analyzes the data and finds ways to use it. Liliia considers extreme responsibility her main advantage in working with people.

Care Department Manager

Anastasiia Yaryhina

Anastasiia has experience as a coordinator of the “Ukrainian Volunteer Service” NGO in Lviv. Thanks to this, she communicates with other NGOs and potential partners efficiently. She also successfully raised funds to implement her events and projects.

Anastasiia has been volunteering with her grandmother and mother since 2015. She understands the importance of helping in place of indifference.

Anastasiia comes from the Donetsk region and was forced to evacuate her homeland twice. When she communicates and helps the evacuees, she experiences their pain as her own. She considers the NE SAMI project valuable because she knows how difficult it is to leave home without support.

Driver, part of the evacuation group

Serhii Lantukh

Serhii was born and spent his whole life in the Donetsk region.
He was engaged in farming and personally transported his produce to various points in the Donetsk region and throughout Ukraine. Because his business was closely related to transportation, Serhii knows the roads of Donetsk, Luhansk, and other areas of Ukraine very well. He was forced to move after the start of the war in 2014. Before the full-scale invasion in 2022, Serhii worked as a driver because he lost his farms due to the war.

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