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Bikerstaff Internship Programs for IDPs

Together with the Bickerstaff.108 creative agency, we launched an internship for IDPs in September.

7 people worked and learned together with the Bickerstaff team for a month.

Why does this project matter? How did it go, and what will happen next?

According to the International Organization for Migration, over five million Ukrainians have lost their homes and are anxious to find a new home. They’re faced with the difficult task of starting life from ground zero.

56.2% of IDPs are currently unemployed and actively looking for jobs, as reported by Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure.

We noticed that searching for “work for immigrants in Kyiv” provides the vast majority of vacancies related to cashier, customer service manager, or salesperson positions.

What can Ukrainian businesses do?

It’s important not to stand aside. Businesses can create alternatives by actively recruiting and creating internships, providing opportunities for stable income and experience for IDPs.

How will this help IDPs?

People will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and practice their skills. They can add this to their portfolio and start working in a new industry.

Why do businesses need it?

The faster we help people who end up in difficult circumstances, the faster our country will overcome not only Russia but also the economic crisis and all possible social gaps.

We assure you that the hearts of Ukrainian men and women will be much more loyal to businesses that support those who lost their homes.

Here go the first ones

Bickerstaff.108 Internship Program

Bickerstaff.108 welcomed seven interns to their team to help them find their way in the creative world.

Illia Anufriienko, the founder and creative director at Bickerstaff.734, on the decision to help: “We have developed a program that allows people to maintain their financial situation while combining a very intensive theoretical component with a large amount of real practice so that knowledge gets transformed into skills.”

Each intern received a mentor among the experienced Bickerstaff members – a reliable shoulder to consult, complain to, and have fun with.

We also conduct lectures on creative industry development, key agency processes, and searching for and implementing creative ideas. We involve interns in practical tasks that we work on ourselves.

How is this project going to evolve?

We plan to connect Ukrainian educational projects and businesses and build the following model: people choose a profession and undergo free training. After that, they get an internship and continue working on the project as a full-fledged participant or receive vacancies in other projects.

If you are a business that wants to join the internship project for IDPs, contact us.